Typical Clients

My specialty is mid-life. My niche is work.

My clients are primarily people in mid-life (30-60) who have achieved some success but are becoming dissatisfied with one or more important aspects of their life.

Often this dissatisfaction relates directly to their work: they need to change something or add skill to keep moving forward.

Sometimes, a problem in another area of their life is affecting the quality and enjoyability of their work.

They may feel disorganized and on edge. The situation has become too important to ignore or suppress. They risk burn-out or some other form of disruption.

They recognize that the stakes are high. They also recognize that they would benefit from working with a trusted partner to clarify the issues and creatively map a way forward.

Because of the intensity, pace and stress of work these days, it is important to note that these high-stakes change points are likely to come up more than once during the client’s mid-life.

I am skilled in these sectors:

Corporate Executive

Institutional Administration

Small to Midsize Business

Entrepreneurial Start Up




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